Washi Tape - Wide Lace Tape

Gorgeous contemporary wide washi tape in transparent lace design. Perfect for use on jars, vases or glass to transform the plain into chic!


Japanese Washi Tape is similar to a printed masking tape: easy to tear, gorgeous prints & lots of uses. By simply using washi tape you will be transforming something boring into something awesome!


Use it to wrap presents, embelish your folders & notebooks, makeover some old drabby furniture, use for crafty projects such as personalising photo frames or flower pots, perfect for scrabooking & storytelling your personal journey through photo albums, label boxes or pantry items, decorate invitations, cards, menus, books.... basically if you want to pretty something up, use some creative thinking and Washi Tape will do the rest!



Measures: 4.8cm wide x 15 metres long


Washi Tape can be written on, it is easy to remove and it does not leave marks.

$8.00 $2.00