July 2nd, 2014

A Day in the Life of….. Washi Tape

Hi! My name is Washi – cute huh? I was named after a style of paper first made in Japan. “Wa” means Japanese & “shi” means paper. I feel so proud to hold such a meaningful name. Like most, I also have a surname… Tape, Washi Tape (having a James Bond moment here).

I am sticky, pretty & versatile. I often get quizzical expressions from passers-by who ask “how can we play with Washi”? I get sad when I am left on the shelf because I am so much fun, but no-one seems to see that.

So…. Here I Am… being assertive & playful, and ready to tell the world what it is that I can do!

First things first… I must tell you that I come in many colours, shades, materials & designs! You can mix and match me or just keep me plain & simple; I do not mind – whatever pleases you.  See, I am not only fun, but also a team player!

Ok, now that we have completed my background check, let’s have some fun! By no means is this an exhaustive list of my uses; these are just some ideas to get your creative juices flowing! The possibilities are endless!



1.  GIFT WRAPPING – Dress up a gift by using ME instead of expensive patterned gift wrap & ribbons! Wrap your gift in plain paper (even plain old boring butchers paper is fantastic!). Then use pretty ME to add your special touches… the recipient will be wowed by your creativity & who doesn’t love the effort put into specially gift-wrapped goodies… or if you prefer a simpler approach – use ME instead of normal tape when sealing gifts and envelopes and the effect will still be ultra-delightful!





2. TRANSFORM JARS & BOTTLES – Wrap ME around a jar or bottle to create a vase, a pencil holder, or a jar for any bits & bobs…  Not only will you be creating gorgeous unique centrepieces & gifts, but you will also feel good for doing your part in recycling :)







3.  PARTY TIME – Decorate your party table with loads of cute elements! You can create the colour & design theme of your choice to make cake topper buntings, toppers for desserts, wrap me around mason jars at your drink station & lolly jars at your candy buffet, make some little flags to attach to straws, toothpicks or skewers to be used in food delicacies, or why not spruce up plain cutlery & serviettes to give your party that special edge! I am also perfect on party bags, use a little of me on plain brown or coloured paper bags & use a stamp set to personalise as required! I can also be used to make place cards, invites & save the date cards!



Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 9.28.43 pm


Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 9.27.58 pm




4. CANDLES – Romantic & Soothing, candles can create ambience and a calming mood. You can use ME to help pretty up simple tea light candles or jars to add a visual interest too! Grab a pack of plain tea light candles and clear jars/glasses from the $2 shop for this inexpensive project…


Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 10.54.51 pm




5.  PHOTO FRAMES – Personalise photo frames to create a personalised look… OR how about this AWESOME idea… WASHI the Wall – stick photos, memories and dreams to your wall, and use ME to frame the photo or the entire memory board without using a frame itself! I do not leave any marks and am easily removable! WOW!



Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 11.30.57 pm


6.  SCRAPBOOKING – Print off those photos that you keep meaning to. And sit down and create yourself a scrapbook of your holidays, special events & memories with loved ones… all you need is your photos, a scrapbook album and ME! Of course there are other creative elements you can add to make your album pop – but that is a blog for another time… this one is about ME! You can also use small cutters in a variety of shapes to cut out cute designs too!



Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 9.06.41 pm


7. HOMEMADE CARDS & GIFTS – fold up a piece of card in any colour & use me to pretty it up, add some cute embellishments like jewels, or buttons and you can make so many cards suitable for ANY occasion! I am also perfect on cute gift tags to jazz up any gift!




8. WASHI TAPE INITIAL – check this out! I can be added to a plain initial & made into a beautiful gift for anyone! How about making one for your childs bedroom! Or are you getting engaged or married? Add both initials to your cake table as a gorgeous centrepiece & then display in your home as you start your new journey together!

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 10.47.05 pm


I could keep going… there are hundreds of ideas of how I can be used… and there are heaps of online tutorials to help you with your projects! Or you can ask my helpful and creative owners who have tried and tested many ideas!

My current owners at The Kawaii Notebook are so lovely & sweet, but I am looking for a new home as it is rather cramped in here, so my last words for you when you browse through all the fun gorgeous stationery items in my owners’ home are:


Kawaii Smiles,

Washi Tape :)

P.S. If the colours or designs you are after are not currently stocked at www.thekawaiinotebook.com.au, contact Helen & Stacey immediately and they will help make your creative dreams come to life!

May 27th, 2014

All About Kawaii…

You came across the word “kawaii” and I bet you thought “What in the world is that??” or “How is that even pronounced!!”. Unless you are fluent in Japanese language & culture, in MJ’s words – “you are not alone”.


Kawaii is pronounced ka-why-ee and is directly translated as ‘cute’ in Japanese. Say it a few times and before too long, it will just roll off the tongue. The kawaii craze originated in Japan, but it has hit Australian shores too. Who can resist the bright colours, character cuteness, fun designs and quirky everyday items? Kawaii is a universal delight!


Even Avril Lavigne has recently produced a song dedicated to this gorgeous sensation! Check it out and get kawaii with Avril!

(Click on link below & bop away)

Avril Lavigne – Hello Kitty


On a magical visit to Tokyo, it was enthralling to see the cuteness surrounding the city. It was like taking a step back into our childhood, but instead of children, women and men were embracing all things cute & quirky! Women dressed in sweet lacy threads, and their hair with itty-bitty bows, they sported accessories with bling or pretty embellishments.  The men boasted their gimmicks and gadgets that oozed quirkiness and dressed with such unique style. It was a nostalgic dream to see the return of Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears, My Little Pony, Lego Men, Smurfs, Astro Boy and other characters brought back to life through such simple means. So whether you are male or female, young or old, conservative or radical – kawaii can be a part of your every day life.


Kawaii does not mean you have to dress up as a cartoon character, or embrace the head-to-toe kawaii look (although there is nothing wrong with that should you choose to do so)! The kawaii key elements can be found in homemade crafts, attention to detail in wrapping gifts, gorgeous nail art, adorable accessories for your home or office – the possibilities are endless. We all need a little bit of kawaii in our lives because life was never meant to be taken so seriously. And as the old adage goes “less is more”, so one adorable accessory for your desk, phone, handbag, home can make all the difference – watch how smiles will explode from within and from those around you. And say goodbye to awkward silences – your “kawaiiness”  will be sure to break the ice at an awkward gathering at the water cooler or when you bump into your secret crush stuttering to find the words!


So if you want to add some quirky fun into your life, browse our online store to bring an element of “kawaii” into your day-to-day life. Whether it be some funky sticky notes for the office, a Hello Kitty dust plug for your smartphone, a retro chewing gum case to fit all your bits, or simply some pretty washi tape and stamp sets to create and make your next craft, we have something to help this Kawaii Craze come to you.


Kawaii Smiles,

Helen & Stacey :) :)


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