April 9th, 2013

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June 16th, 2011

The lost art of letter writing

Is letter writing becoming a lost art? When was the last time you put pen to paper (no not the pen tool on your handheld device) But real ink and real paper? Did letter writing become obsolete with the introduction of emails and text messages?

Long gone are the days when letter writing was our only means of communicating over long distances. For now, we have that instantaneous gratification of picking up the phone or quickly typing an email to anyone we want, anywhere in the world.

For the most part it is instant gratification of immediate communication that we yearn for, but to know someone took the time and consideration to write those words into a letter, makes it so much more meaningful. The memory is permanent, and one that can be read over and over again. And even if those words are taken back along the line somewhere, there will always be a written reminder or what once was…

With such a heavy reliance on electronic stimuli these days, are we truly losing touch of our tactile communication? Do our children have the same affinity that we do for letter writing, or is letter writing becoming the dying art? I do truly hope that my children grow up with the same love for letters as I did, even if they are of the three word kind on a sweet little memo.

Of course you don’t need the sweetest of papers or the cutest of kawaii letter sets to write to your loved ones, but it sure does help, get those creative juices flowing and those lovely words tumbling out on the page. Be it a two word ‘Thank you’ or a twenty two page I love you letter, The Kawaii Notebook has your letter writing essentials covered. So if your a bit like me and don’t want to see the art of letter writing die, get out your sweetest pens today and write a letter to someone, you don’t really know how much it will change their day :)

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